Marcel IJzelenberg

Nancy Dijkers

Marnan is a small, informal accounting and tax consultancy founded in 1994 by Nancy Dijkers and Marcel IJzelenberg.

Our proven concept has not changed since then: the home office, giving unsolicited advice and thinking, not only from 9.00 to 17.00 but also evenings and weekends.

We can draw on many years of experience obtained from accounting firms and finance departments of large and small businesses. Because of this, we know exactly what an entrepreneur or private person of his tax adviser / accountant demands. We can take over your existing bookkeeping in a short time or advise starting entrepreneurs on how to direct it. Preferably we would completely unburden every client in such a way that you only have to provide data periodically. This complete outsourcing brings a lot of advantages.

We seek a pleasant and personal relationship building in an informal atmosphere. With us you are not a number but the proverbial 'king' in which we strive to serve you at your beck and call.

If this appeals to you, please contact us to give you further information and to get personally acquainted. Of course, you do not have to wait until there is a specific problem; an orientation interview is optional and without any costs.

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