Our method

How does your bookkeeping look? A shoebox overwhelming with receipts? Or neatly organized folders? However your bookkeeping looks Marnan will gladly take the administrative work out of your hands, since you can spend your time in a better way.

You are welcome with your shoebox to our office. However, most of our customers can stay home for the delivery of their records since they deliver everything digital with us.

You can simply deliver bank statements, bills and invoices in Dropbox, we will send you a separate instruction for this. If you do not have a (printer) scanner for the documents you have not yet digitally, you can also photograph them with your mobile phone.

After your submission, we will do our work:

- process the delivered documents in our professional accounting software;

- providing the periodic financial statement to you;

- submit the VAT return and inform you about this.

These monthly or quarterly routine repeats itself during the year 12 or 4 times after which the annual profit/income tax return follows; in consultation with you this tax returned is submitted. You do not have to worry about the "deadline" of April 1, after all as a registered tax consultant you will use as our client the deferral scheme so you can collect your year-end data in peace and provide on a appropriate moment the concerned to us.

To this end we provide our standard income tax checklist. Also for this you (entrepreneur or private person) can the documents as indicated in the checklist digital deliver via / in Dropbox.

We trust with the above processes to 'unburden' you as much as possible!