Every year you will receive by registered mail or digital via your personal tax-login the request to do your income tax return, or other tax returns such as gift tax or inheritance tax. And whether you like it or not, it will have to be submitted.

Herewith we would like to offer a helping hand because doing it yourself can be a risky venture. After all the many annual changes in the taxation laws make doing a proper tax return complicated. Also, you may overlook items in the tax return which can have as result a less favorable outcome. And finally: why bother yourself when it can be done easily with our help?

We offer you as an individual a package of services with very competitive rates:

  • for taking care of your provisional income tax return (so called ‘Voorlopige Aanslag’) we charge an amount of € 40,-;
  • to request or modify tax free allowances (‘Toeslagen’), we charge an amount of € 45, -;
  • for a regular income tax return (‘inkomstenbelasting’) for 1 person we charge you € 65,-;
  • for a regular income tax return for 2 persons (partners) you pay € 80, -;
  • for other tax returns we request you to contact us.

For a financial advice (for example objection- or appeal letters) we charge you an hourly rate of € 75, -.

All the above amounts are excluded VAT.


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