Generally we do not apply hourly rates, but offer fixed price agreements for our work. No complicated price table with different rates for different activities, but a clear and fixed “all-in” financial year rate, specifically tailored to your organization or a fixed standard hourly rate.

Whether you opt for a fixed annual rate or an hourly declaration, you can expect that the “meter” will not start running immediately when you ask a question, make a phone call or send an email. We think it is important that we are and remain accessible for all our relations.

Depending on the service you require, we can offer you our services from as little as € 500,- per financial year.

Our fixed “all-in” fiscal year rate is:

  • Cost effective: You do not pay per hour but per financial year.
  • Clear and transparent: Insight into the total costs in advance.
  • Payment in installments: No large expenditure in one go, but pay in monthly or quarterly instalments.
  • Certainty: No nasty surprises in the form of high declarations afterwards.

The rate is determined annually in advance on the basis of the size of the administration.

Our standard hourly rate is:

A collaboration based on an hourly rate is of course also possible, this amounts to € 75,-.

All the above amounts are exclusive of VAT.


Visit our agency or simply send us an email anytime you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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