As a private individual, you prefer not to think too long about your tax returns, allowances or other tax questions. We are happy to relieve you of your tax concerns and can also help you with financial issues.

What can we do for you:

  • taking care of all tax returns (e.g. income tax, inheritance tax, gift tax);
  • applying for and amending provisional tax assessments & allowances;
  • taking care of objections;
  • conducting private administrations;
  • advice on financial issues.
Our method for the annual (mandatory) income tax return:
  • You will receive our ‘checklist’ by email every year. This lists the most common matters that apply to an income tax return;
  • You can provide your relevant data digitally, secured of course. You will receive a link to a secure website so that your digital documents are received by us immediately. Of course it is still possible to deliver documents in person or by post;
  • We aim to provide you with the (proforma) calculations with the tax outcome within two weeks of delivery and to send the declaration to the tax authorities.

Filing or revising returns from previous years is no problem for us.